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Girls don't know


Girls don't know! You think you're the only ones who show emotion, well I've been known to cry some too. Avery sad rock-n-roll song, a happy ending gone oh so wrong, even the very little things you do. You never let me show you just how sad a boy can be. It's useless to explain to you, you'd probably laugh at me. Now I'm the only one who you're running from. What the hell am I to do? Write a sad rock-n-roll song? Tell you everything I did wrong? I'll just forget the little things you do. Now I want you to remember that summer. That summer when I drove a million miles to stop you from dying, to stop you from crying. I held your hand as a part of you died. And believe it or not, I cried. Because one year before, a part of me died. And on the drive back home I fell asleep at the wheel of our life. Girls don't know.

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