Beggar On The Street Of Love

Paul Kelly

In my time I have been a rich man giving favours
All the world at my feet and its many different flavours
I sucked it all dry
Now I realise
I'm a beggar on the street of love

All the rest have no charm
There's nothing they can give me
What I want makes me poor
In this great big world of plenty
I'm holding out my cup
Only you can fill it up
I'm a beggar on the street of love

On my own I'm standing, so patiently
And my heart keeps calling, calling ouit for you to see
You look right through me and you pass me by

Take my hand, lead me to your loving milk and honey
Cover me, keep me from the night so cold and rainy
Please, I'm down on my knees
I'm a beggar on the street of love

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