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You And I

Kenny Rogers

All the man I am
You are the reason for me
You help me understand
I'll be your shelter from the rain
That never ends
Girl, you've always got a friend in me

All the love we had
I should've known our love
Was older than the past
Throwing my life away on songs
I never heard
Just the speaking of a special word
I made you die inside, but you loved me

And don't believe the world
No the world can't give us paradise
When you make your love to me
Till I just could not see the light

As long as I got you
As long as you got me
As long as we got you and I

And I won't let you down
No better love will be there
When you turn around
I'll be living for you
Till the ocean turns to sand
There will never be any man
Could love you just the way
That I love you

So don't believe the world
No the world can't't give us paradise
In the eye within the storm
When I just could not make it
Through the night
As long as I got you, as long as you got me
As long as we got you and I

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Composição: Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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