I dont want hear myself, I dont hear myself

Verse 1:
Intricate lifestyles of da rich n famous, considerably,
I got this tendency 4 grippin bangers, well dressed gentleman,
But still a gangsta, I could make u moan spank
U then lick ya ankles, im sayin tho,
It be intresting wen we kick it, this feelin no intermission,
Im feelin yo intuition and hope that I end up breakin u off,
Take a load off, take them clothes off, impatient n communicatin
Daily but we dont talk, make that pussy get wetter than rain
Weather, body so soft im calln it wayne leather,
Passin thru da hood with memories of da block, left hand
Holdin the wheel our fingers are in a lock, tinted windows
But da rocks still glistenin on da watch

Hook: my phone rings, who is this?,
I dont kno but I kno you in my business,
On da front of my boxers traces of your lipstick,
Shawty can we kick it 2nite, said we never fall in love
And never bring it up, being lonely never really been a thang 2 us,
U find another human like, you'll never find a human like,
Relationships strange 2 us, is safe 2 say we livin dangerous,
Dangerous, danger-ah-oh-oh,(2x)

Verse 2: complications in alot of da stories you tell people,
Streetsweeper with a preachers commitment a bell ringer,
Seen it all took a loss thru da flossin it get exhaustin,
Death b4 dishonor you talkin you see da coffin,
Grew up without a father, rough, aint nobody cautioned us,
All in front my niece I got a bunch feens walkin up,
Ima provide em my action go un-acknowledge,
Habits my satisfaction no longer promotin violence,
Im n da drivers seat, satan 2 da right of me,
Pistol in da same city aint nobody likin me,
Agree 2 disagree in da differences in opinion,
Hard livin god willin ma business is never finished,
My life hard, niggas kno I fight da same way,
I dont like em I dont write it they pipe em da same day,
Same gentleman was stickn his dick in ya dame face,
All red on ya forehead right where ya brain lay,
Artists paintin da picture with a mil up on my mind,
Exercise sellin pies doin sit ups on my grind,
Yo bitch up on my mind its intrestin in here,
Nibblin on her ear while I ripped her from da rear,
Payed her rent to a apartment so constuent could live,
Iron 4 da bullets, harrasin on da avenue,
Armed under my under arms fondelin my valuables,
Automatic thompson charmin wit a attitude,
Death threats n apologies only 2 get bak at you,
Local law enforcement itchin 2 take a crack at you,
Sent you up da river wen they figured aint no crackin you,
Fuck about a pregnancy, fuck about ya life,
What I hold a blow ya shoulders off pump it out ya wife,
Niggas send me letters cant 4get 2 mail em back,
What we dont have in common I donebeen 2 hell n back,
Da game a dead in dont 4get 2 tell em dat

Hook 2: my phone rings, who is this?,
I dont kno but I kno you in my business,
Call it inconsiderate, label me a misfit,
You guilty til you innocent 2nite,
Said we never fall in love n never bring it up,
Being lonely never really been a thang 2 us,
U find another human like,
You'll never find a human like relationships strange 2 us,
Its safe 2 say we livin dangerous,
Dangerous, danger-ah-oh-oh(2x)

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