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Baby, I'm Your Man

Kevin Max

I can tell your beat up inside
Your black and your blue
And you don't know how to find the light
Uh oh
Tell me how to make it alright
I've been through hell too
And I've had my own poltergeist

You need to find peace
Something beautiful please
You need to find yourself

Love is the only way
Love it's necessity
Love, you need to grab all you can
Cause baby, I'm Your Man

Say goodbye to all of your woes
Of Baulderlaire and Poe
Lets get those shadows exposed my love
Take my hand I'll make it alright
We can talk through the night
Chase the sunset til we take flight

You need to find truth
Something beautiful, you
You need to work it out

Love, it's chemical
Love, feeling primal
Love you need to grab all you can
Cause Baby I'm Your Man

Love, anthropoligical
Love, it's never practical
Love, you need to grab all you can

Love, it's the only way
Love, open sesame
Love, you need to get all you can

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