Best Thing Ever (Reprise)

Kevin Quinn

Oh I’ve finally found a place to be me
I finally know I’m more than good enough
Baby, baby there was never a doubt about it, and
Everything’s about to change
I had to let it go and just be
God only knows that makes two of us
Just a little bit of love is all we needed
I’m never gonna be the same

Right, right, right where I wanna be
I, I, I don’t ever wanna leave

There’s nothing
There’s nothing
There’s nothing better
We’re feeling’ alright
Dancing to the beat of the time of our lives
Together… (Hey!)
This is the best thing ever

There’s nothing better
We’re out in the light
Moving to the rhythm of the time of our lives
Woah, woah, oh, oh, oh, oh
This is the best thing ever
Woah oh oh oh… Woah oh oh oh

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