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  1. My Neck, My Back
  2. My Neck, My Back (Dirty Version)
  3. My Neck, My Back (Clean Version)
  4. Fuck Dem Fuck Niggaz
  5. We Can't Stop (Remix) (Feat. Miley Cyrus)
  6. Put That Pussy On His Ass
  7. Like Me
  8. Don't Trust No Nigga
  9. Fuck Dem Other Hoes
  10. Be Your Lady
  11. Hater (skit)
  12. Hater Walk
  13. Hater Walk (I Do It)
  14. Hit Her Up (Trina Diss)
  15. I Know U Want It
  16. I Know You Want It
  17. I've Been Called A Bitch
  18. Jealous Girls
  19. Jerzee Monet Ft Dmx Most High
  20. K-wang (Ft. DSD)