Now I been waitin' for somebody
To try and come make a move
All the bullshit to the side, side
Attitude like I got nothin' to lose
Bout to put it all on the line, line
Keep talkin' that smack

I ain't really worried bout that
Like it's a ak on my back, now you could
See that I'm ready 4 war
Know we came through here so deep
I brought me a army
See that I'm ready 4 war

Feelin' better than before
Been through it all, but I'm ready for more
Never settle for less, but we could settle the score
It's no limit, soldier to the core
I hope you locked, and loaded
Gon take everything you got
You tryna stop, the show man
I gave everything I got

These haters said I was a fool
Now they tryna stand by but the flight's too full, damn
Fresh off the boeing, we been takin' it too far
Tell me where the fuck is we goin'?
This is just a warning, red eye alert
Whole team here, bout to go bezerk

Who ever thought that this could happen
Even more than I imagined
Took a gift and started rappin'
It's a movie tell 'em action
Bitch, I'm all about that action
Been at war, all my life
Now they salute me like a captain

Man of my home, just came from leon
Please excuse my french, but bitch alumni, we on
And my homies still, goin' pecan
All these rocks on my neck
And niggas still throwin' stones, damn
Patron I'm pourin'
Keep it goin' til you feel it in your system like the low-end
Livin' in the moment, gone with the wind
Feel like I could never lose, yeah we goin' for the win

And you could send anyone you want
I never run, tell 'em that I'm ready for it
Feel like I been fightin' all my life
And the war is never done
Tell 'em that I'm ready for it
You could send anyone you want
I never run, tell 'em that I'm ready for it
Tell 'em I'ma never stop
Til they know that I'm the one
Tell 'em that

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