Round here, on the d-low
Niggas round here call me d-bow
Round here, yo bitch'll get stole nigga
Got yo section, I know more nigga
For real, round here niggas know I'm d-bow
She know, he know, I'm d-bow

Niggas round here call me d-bow
Take a nigga girl, she reportin' like I'm po
Turnin' from the 6, put the 1 before the 0
It ain't nothin' when I'm done
You know I cancel like neno
Hoes ain't loyal but they free load

I remember when you used
To give it up for free doe
Now all you want it free dough
Somthin' that your man lack
He can hold your hand but
He can't buy you no handbag

Cuff yo chick, you better tuck yo chain
I'm d-bow and every day is friday
Said I'ma get you high girl, gon' slow it down
Just rolled up, took one hit
You got knocked the fuck out okay

Might pull up on the bike and skrrt skrrt
Sup red-red bone, pocket check her ass first
First off don't be greedy if you tryna stay the night
Sippin' on champagne, you can't even say it right
Hate when niggas tryna battle, won't see the daylight
Know I'm winnin' like floyd, you ain't gotta see the fight

No decision, when I roll up it's precision
Need a minute, lookin' hurt up in that corner that you sittin'
It's me and all my niggas, make you feel intimidated
No intention, we been payin' everybody too sedated round here
We been in here for a hour workin' on round ten
Nigga 10-4 this ain't no nintendo

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