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I'm Wrong, But You Ain't Right

Kid Rock

Breaking the silence
Is the hardest thing in life
Knowin' that you're wrong
Feelin' like you can't go on
I've been a victim
So many times
But I'm man enough to know when I'm wrong

With the fresh cut mullets
Back row in sight
Pass the packed bullet
I'm gonna rock all night
Up tight right wingers
Trying to say I'm what
But I'm a flight bound singer
Not givin' a fuck
Hard luck of the devil
With the grace of God
On a level of Oz
And it makes you nod
With the body of a sinner
Mind of a saint
I'm everything you love
Everything you hate
Hit a lot of curves
Hard roads and hills
Got nerves of steel
And watched time stand still
It took too long
But I stood my height
You can say I'm wrong

But you ain't right
You ain't right
You ain't right
You ain't right
You ain't
You ain't
You ain't
You ain't

You can save the environment
With all your wit
But can you save your children
From a world of bullshit
You look at me
With a loss for love
But if you took me out
Would your kid still do drugs
You wanna point your finger in the unclear
You ought a point your finger at the mirror

You wanna trip
Quit cuz I'm a keep rippin'
You can bitch but the strippers gonna keep strippin'
I'm singing songs in the key of life
You can say I'm wrong


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