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Stumbling along looking at nothing
Because your eyes are always on your feet
If you ever looked up, you'd see the sun
And the morning you wonder why things are so bleak

Boring and old are the things your told
About the outside world
Just wearing black won't take care of that
Don't be stupid girl

Walking and always talking
But never listening you just kick back
How do you handle all the bullshit
That gets thrown in your way

Repeat Chorus

Don't be stupid
Down on your knees trying to appease
Somebody's mixed up statement
'Cause in not much time your beliefs are the lies
Will be left on the pavement
They'll be left by the way

I've been doing some thinking
About all your preaching and I don't want to know
'Cause that is just conforming
That is not what you want to be

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge

Oh left by the pavement
Oh don't be so stupid girl
You're in your world
All dressed in black
Won't take care of that
Don't be so stupid girl

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