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Finaly got my shot
What I've been dreaming it seems could finally
come around, right
But can't help feel time run out
Just one push we wiped out
'Cause oh, here we go
Hell, I can see it been told, and I can see the signs
I think you better stop
The world could end before I be a star

Is everybody asleep
Life as we know it is on the way to fizz out
Right, running to malls, catch markdowns
Ignoring life force breakdowns
You go and go
Rushing and building your dreams
on such a shaky ground
I think you better stop
The world could end, she needs attention

Hey you, I wanna live
Word's slipping away while you're living life
You can't see the bigger picture
Hey you, I said, I'm trying to get mine
Life's slipping away while you're working hard
Please just stop and take a listen

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Composição: Kina Cosper / London Jones. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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