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It is Sunday morning, well right before dawn
A little girl is dancing, on the mansion porch
She calls out a name, God give him the sea
I'm here from the darkest deep
And hear my name

Down by the lake, there's the shadow of grief
Dancind hand in hand with the Devil

Watching from the bridge, the one near by the lake
Why sister Margaret? No need the hate
Yes, we all know, light your seventh cross
Oh please do it my dear
While you're lost

Down by the lake
Dancing hand in hand

And the nun has been seen
I want your cross
Now come and play
Sister Margaret

Follow pry, the nun won't give in
She catched us along
Scared as Hell, the little girl is screaming
When sister Margaret disapears in the lake

Down by the lake, there's the shadow of happiness
Dancing hand in hand with the Devil

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