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Martin Scorsese

King Missile

He makes the best fucking films
He makes the best fucking films
If I ever meet him I'm gonna grab his fuckin' neck and just shakehim
And say thank you thank you for makin' such excellent fuckin'movies
Then I'd twist his nose all the way the fuck around
And then rip off one of his ears and throw it
Like a like a like a fuckin' frisbee
I wanna chew his fuckin' lips off and grab his head and suck outone of his
eyes and chew on it and spit it out in his face
And say thank you thank you for all of your fuckin' films
Then I'd pick him up by the hair swing him over my head a fewtimes
And throw him across the room and kick all his fuckin' teeth inand then
stomp on his face 40 or 50 times
Cuz he makes the best fucking films he makes the best fuckingfilms
I've ever seen in my life
I fuckin love him
I fuckin love him

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Composição: Chris Xefos / Dave Rick / John S. Hall / Roger Murdock. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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