Down the street the dogs are barking and the day is getting
Dark. as the night comes in a-falling, all the dogs lose their
And the silent night is shattered by the sound inside my mind.

I am one too many mornings. one too many mornings. one too many
Mornings and a thousand miles behind.

From the cross roads of my door step, my eyes, they start to
As i turn my head back to the room where my love and i have
As i gaze out to the street, to the sidewalk and the signs


There's a restless, hungry feeling that don't mean no one no
Good. everything i'm saying, you can say it just as good.
You are right from your side and i am right from mine.
We're both just one too many mornings. (talk about) one too many
One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.

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