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(feat. Lady Luck)
[Rap Lady Luck:]
One two I remember when we first met
I fell in love with the sex hickeys on my tities
Bite marks on my neck wifey like next
But now you get vexed and in the last six months
Seems you lost respect you dont call when you hang out
Ball with the range out act all wild in the mall wanna bang out
Shit nigga you dont know who I be
Instead of flippin on me get a J.O.B.

Loud talkin pickin my clothes like a orphan
And when ever im out you be stalkin
911 paging you be callin what so important
Use the bathroom then you come back and say you want to talk
With your hands not washed and the seat up
Get a job and get your ass up and make the bed up yeah

What do you do when your man is a bum
Cant keep a job for more than a month
Your friends dont like him and his game is dead
You blew it off with him cause hes good in bed
Take your keys and throw them out
Or just get mad and run your mouth
You work all day hes on the couch
Dont that make you want to blackout

Think im about to blackout blackout
Grabin out wildin out
Flippin on me im flippin on you
Dont wanna make me act a fool
Think im about to blackout blackout
Grabin out wildin out
Dont wanna lose my cool
Im about to blackout on you

Talkin like you got room
Dont even clean the house
Never seen a broom
Movin my shit dont know where its at
I told you more than once I wasnt havin that
Im about to blackout got to let it out
Doin crazy things make me want to shout
Blowin up my cell whats that all about
Sayin you was home when I seen you out
Im havin doubts

Now what do you do when your girls a bird
Pack her shit kick to the curb
Lose your cool catch your case
Sleep wit her friends throw it back in her face
Do ya take her back try again
Cant leave home dont trust your friends
Turn your back she'll play you out
Dont that make you want to blackout


[Hook Together:]
Clothes smellin like perfume or makeup
Call me somebody else when we make love
You trickin my dough at the strip club
You think its a game but im gettin fed up
You talkin in codes on your cell phone
You do it on the low like I aint gon know
You movin too fast better slow down
You playin me close gonna make me blackout

[Rap Lady Luck:]
Yo pluck an independent woman like beyonce
And I could give a damn what you and your boyz say
No need to kick me out I dont wanna stay
Pack the coach bags and be on my way I dont need you
You need a broad that wake up in the morn clean cook and feed you
And that aint luck nigga thats whats up
Key up the truck and clear the bank account when I blackout

[Chorus (Fade)]

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Composição: Kaygee Gist / Stacy Jones. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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