It's about time for some action,
I'm hot as a tamale on fire.
I need more than a physical attraction
Cause lust is a weak desire.
A woman without a good head on her shoulders
Is nothing but a piece of meat.
For that I'll go to the butcher store,
Cause I'm choosy about what I eat.
The body is a mere appetizer,
And the brain is the real main course,
The personality is like the icing on the cake,
The sweet magnetic force,
The completion of any kind of coffee
Makes my percolator perk.
And once I taste the coffee
I'm up, so get ready to work
All night long.

How many ladies are deep enough
To handle a man like me?
I mean mental, emotional and physical,
I like my women deep.
I like 'em hot-blooded by nature
But not promiscuous,
A women who can relate to
Being spontaneous.
And yet I like 'em old-fashioned
Updated with a modern day twist.
A woman that's a slave to passion
But knows when to resist.
I like a woman that's not so public
Cause no one needs to know,
And if you can respect my privacy
The forever we're good to go
All night long.

Scintillating, sultry, stimulating, sexy
Super, subtle, smart, and seductive
Sensitive, serious, succulent, sensuous
Softly saying she loves this
Kind of mental stimulation
That's causing body heat.
Visually anticipating
Making love in between the sheets.
Now I can't stand a groupie,
But I'll always love a true fan,
Someone ready to do me right
Once she knows the man.
I admit I love it in public
Cause it's cool being Kool Moe Dee
But behind closed doors, I get the applause
For just being plain old me
All night long.

I never like to make the first move:
I'ma rapper but I don't rap.
Cause when it comes to the ladies,
I'm much too smooth for that.
I love a women with a good sense of humor;
For me that's very essential.
Uninhibited and very deep,
I mean someone I can really get into.
And once I get into ya,
I can feel if you're for real,
And right is how I'll do ya:
I'll give you something you can feel.
It's like a romance from a storybook
Without the wine and candles,
An encounter you'll never forget
But don't try it if you can't handle
All night long.

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