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So This Is Love


First I give you all my love and now whats up
So I'll tell you what it feels like this time
I put my whole life and soul on the rocks
Trying to get jealous is just another bad experience
Fuck I wish a girl could love me too for once
You say "hey, want to try something different"
Now I see your feels weren't always just for one man
Ya got my heart now tell me what ya plan do with it
Ya say you never loved me like that, now you full of shit
So this is loooooove!
So this is loooooooooovee!
Well I feel fascist when I say bitch
But I thought that bitch was liking it when she sucked my dick
I didn't see that this was not any good for me
Fuck you just open your eyes and see
I want to tell you so bad but I can't find my lips
Every time I give you my heart I can feel it rip
You got my heart tell me what ya plan do with it
You say you never loved me like that now you full of shit
So this is looooovvveeeee!

For love, but not be loved
For the push, I've been shoved
For the truth, and that's belief
For the gift, I will never recieve

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