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Its All Good

Krayzie Bone

Latley you been stressin' me 'bout when I'ma give you some
Callin' me, Jockin me, Spin me, Ain't gunna rich me none
'Cause when the time is right
I'm gunna let you know it, thats for sure
So wait on me, patiently and see what I got in store
I'm gunna represent to the fullest of it and
I promise you no regret
Just put your trust in me and baby,
I promise this shit is legit

F: It's all good
K: Yup Yup Yup, It's All G double O D good
F: It's all good
K: Yup Yup Yup, It's All G double O D good
F: It's all good
K: Yup Yup Yup, It's All G double O D good

If I've told you once, I've told you twice
You got to get to know me
There's more to relationship then jumpin in the sheets
If it's what you want, then you better go, 'cause
Letting me, I don't give my love to just anybody
If I'm not great then prove me wrong
And just hold on
Gradually, you'll see, Just how good it'll be
When the time is right
I'll ease you mind with a little bump and grind
Fantisy, A little Extasy, We'll have a real good time


Krazyie Bone:
If it's all good, we can get it on
Hey, Ya wanna ride
Krazyie Bone
Come and jump in the Benz
And Tell your friends that you'll get with them later
Come on let me take ya
Got a couple things that I wanna show you
I'm gunna try to know ya
I'm just curious
Is it really all good, you serious
If it is I gotta jump on it, ride it, ghetto cowboy
Suprised, you thought I was quiet
I never was shy
Baby, niggas just act like that
Lay back but don't let that rule ya
Give a nigga the grind
Because we both have time to talk
I've been thinkin for a minute now
I know just where I'ma start
Let me listen to your heart beat
Boom Boom
Racin into situation
Is it gettin kinda hot in here
No thats you
Tempature's risin so am I


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