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4 Ever Bone

Krayzie Bone

Krayzie Bone-
...in that cell, so don't you come back round here/ Wit no heart, and it ain't no need for askin "Who we are?"/ Them niggas that always got beef with police and have shoot outs in the dark/ Oh my god (God), now a days niggas won't hesistate to kill a cop.../ Pop, he was reachin for his gun when he drop.../ And feel his pulse, see if it stop...yup, that cop'll body rott...

-Krayzie Bone-(Wish Bone)-Chorus-
Down in the hood, we hate the law/ We show them no resepect/ That's cause they always up to no good, and they no protect (We don't show...no love...for the law, down here...no no)...us

I pull up on the block, lock/ Jockers don't jock, cause Jersey don't give a fuck/ Peepin ya from ya hat to ya socks (Socks)/ Like Alaska, (?) money or keep doggin money/ Hit some laughs, with the (?) turnin the food in ya tummy (Tummy)/ Hold up, fuck it, you swoll up/ Cause I'm the pin that can piss (Piss)/ Roll with Jersey, (C'mon) the chick that jack hella fares (Hella fares)/ Fears down with D-Doc, once we plot, the enemy hollerin "We not ready nigga"/ (What?) Bitch come on, bitchin up is deadly/ Don't make her mad on Eighteenth Ave. cause word to Clinton Ave./ You gon' be sweatin somethin bad from the jab/ Become star born, fuckin with Harthorne/ Front page of the paper

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