Yeah, (meow meow meow)
Yeah,(meow meow meow, meow, meow meow)
(Got money?) Yeah, Got money?
I got cat nip
Cause I'm a cat bitch

Choppa Kitty Boppas yeah
Mobbin helicopters
Hold up on the clip Kreayshawn I'll watch ya
You can call me Natasha
I smoke dro like a rasta
I get money like a mobsta imposter

Yeah I'm mobbin'
So I called up Flores
Cause your girls done whorin'

I snatched her, now she's scrubin on my floor
& on her hands and knees
I call her cinderella
She ?_________?

If you talkin shit she put a hole in yo umbrella
Yeah, I run the fuckin bay
Smokin on the hay we do this everyday

Me & White girl MOB yeah we camera rob
Run up on your girl
Steal her juicy charms
I don't give a fuck man I'm always armed.

Run up on my sistas & you really will be missin, YEAH
We'll put you in my trunk, the white girl trunk
The white wagon, man you don't want no funk, YEAH
& We slidin' to the east, ridin out back we real fuckin beast.

Oh, I ain't seen you there
You reppin that shit but I never seen you there
No, but I seen you at your show,
actin like a square ass ho, no? No
I never seen you on set, man
You must be fakin oh
You can catch me on, 35th or 23rd goin crazy
From the dubs to the fake 80's

Man I'm goin' KREAYSHAWN
Cause I'm fuckin Kreayshawn
I'll run up in your house & kill your mom
& I'll kill your dog & I'll kill your little brother too
Man but I won't kill your cat

I'll put her in a bag & take her to my house
Put her on my couch
& Let my cat go at her
Cause my cat is a goon, yeah
she's a goon comin to you real soon
Kitty got that choppa and she don't fuck with you
She'll put one in your head & lay you on in bed

Like Ow, my cat don't play
If you got a dog then my cat will spray, yeah
Cause she got that big thang, run up on her
& it's over .. That shit is over

No more callin your dog rover
Cause no, my kitty put him in the ground
On all fours man he really layin down, oh
Yeah, I got that fuckin choppa, sittin in my pants
Oh my fuckin God, maybe I lied
I got that choppa sittin right here on my thigh

Oh, yeah I go crazy
I'm Kreayshawn babyyy

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