Maybe you bought all the lines that she told you
Maybe they tore you apart
Maybe she shrugged off your finest emotions
Carelessly walked on your heart

Life ain't for sissies and you ain't no sissy boy
And only the strongest survive
Bad love is better than no love at all
At least you know you're alive

And just thank God you still got your feelings
And you're free to be easy and warm
Cause from here to the end is what matters my friend
And you're right at the peak of your form
Still in the eye of the storm

Maybe you tried somethin' too hard to handle
And maybe you took you a fall
Is it true that if not for the pain that you're feelin'
It wouldn't have mattered at all tell the truth

All there is left between living and dying
Is loving or leaving alone
You can take it or leave it or make up your mind
Or fall on your ass on your own

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