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Descending Abomination


Descending abomination - ethereal execution
Spiritual damned plague - infesting like a cancer
Transcending, decaying in my blood and spirit
Blackening suffocating, envenoming of my memories

Disturbed visions - heinous sights
Brought forth like sickening winds
I've called the nameless, cast dreadful spells
Now I'm tripping in my inner hell
Shadows of fallen ghouls - mental disarray
Charred corpses along my way

Echoes of howling, silent painful screams
Poison is flowing in my bloodstream

Blackened raging clouds above, lightning bolts whipping the skies
Torrential acid rain is falling, burning my soul into the unknown

Now I'm on the road to the inferno of madness
As I walk over blood and broken glass

Blackned raging clouds above, lightning bolts whipping the skies

Descending abomination - slumber of the undead
Descending abomination - blood-soaked nightmare

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