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My Mind Is Racing


Vroom vroom vroom vroom
My mind is racing
Vroom vroom vroom
My mind is racing
My mind is racing

[Verse 1]
When you young you talk shit and get slapped up for it
The ice, the cars, the clothes, we already bought it
The streets, the projects, the hood, we already support it
The rep, the respect, them cases we already carted
The gold, the platinum plaques, we already flaunted
The leathers in freezing weathers we already sported
The wise see your lies and you already shorted
Them boys they talkin to boys, we men we ignore it
The whole planet, so-called Earth, we already toured it
My levels be on max with the bass distorted
When the economy is up we getting all of that
When the economy is down we still touring Jack
Look back at '88, where them ballers at?
They was buyin' out the bar, I ain't fall for that
Spending they money, you'd think the club would call them back
But they didn't, that shit was all an act
I go

[Chorus 1:]
Vroom vroom
My mind is racing
Vroom vroom vroom
My mind is racing
I said my mind is racing like
Vroom vroom vroom
My mind is racing

[Chorus 2 x2:]
I'm a warrior
I'm a warrior
In this concrete jungle it's hard to stay humble
I'm a warrior
I'm a warrior
I bring that drama to whoever, whenever, WHAT!

[Verse 2]
Yo, let me tell you 'bout defeating the drama
In the street with the armour
It's the teacher, Kris Parker
I be in the hood, looking good, speaking of honour
Being a father
Not avoid the baby mama drama
Respect myself I gotta, we gotta live proper
The True hip-hopper, hits yes a non-stopper
A no quitter, heavy hitter
Looks within to, be the winner
Now let us begin the orientation
Hip-hop culture is what we call the nation
But annihilation is what we facing
Cats getting killed from Scott La Rock to Jam Master Jason
That's why we was at the United Nations
Laying down the foundation
For hip-hop as a real nation
You know what time we wastin?

Vroom vroom
My mind is racing
Vroom vroom vroom
My mind is racing

[Chorus 2: x2]

[Chorus 1]

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