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The Only One


In case you aint know, check it
Let me tell you right not and the whole world
You are the only one

I saw them guys you were with
I don't flash platinum watches and drop-top whips
But you can rest assure you're my perfect fit
Every dollar that we get, we be earning it
Yo, you never have to worry about me taking a trip
Or leaving you at home so I can quickly forget
Yo, with me it's the opposite, you swerve the jeep
You the queen of your house, you earn your keep
And I respect that, in high school we both got left back
We both were divorced and had setbacks
But you should never let that depress you
God has blessed you
Yo, here's what KRS do
Support your goals, keep you warm when it's cold
It aint about now it's about when we get old

[Chorus x2]

Let me tell you right now and the whole world
You are the only one
In my heart you are that number one girl
You are the one (one, one, one)
Even when your hair aint done with no curl
You are the only one (one, one, one)

Crazy why love making we already did
Shit, that's why we got four kids
Romantic, our parenthood we planned it
On the queue two to England, cross the Atlantic
Respect, you don't have to demend
It's like you got the perfect husband and your friends cant stand it
Especially when I watch the kids
And when you come home I aint trying to find out what you did
It flips theirs leave, 'cause they looking for the player
A little boy trying to pay theirs cell phones and pagers
But with me you living with the savior
We be up in the temple of hip-hop, or chilling with the mayor
I thank the creator
We don't need what they handing out
This is what your man is about
It's like peace and much love
Trust and respect
Your friends may have diamonds but they aint get that yet
They may have the burghettes and cars and private jets
But all they're really good for is sex


We be hanging out late night at denys
Having conversations about every and any
Many people want what we got
A relationship that just keeps getting hot like hip-hop
You know I'm not the regular guy
You know I can't be compared
You know when the drama comes I aint scared
My name rings bells in the street
You can say my name in any hood your protection is complete
Thugs be right on their feet
Saying "What, your man is Kris?"
You don't worry miss


But most of the time you're with me and the kids
Mind at ease, chilling out at Chucky Cheese's
These are my kids, I know what their need is
I know what the doctor bill in school to which in fee is
My daughter, I know who she is
And all my sons know exactly what being free is


No, you might not get the drop-top three
But all your kids want to be like me
Their father, and even when times is getting harder
There's only one name you could trust, Kris Parker


send this out to you
you and yours....word
it's that time yo.....that's word


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