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Great Hosannah

Kula Shaker

If we stand here together,
And we see the world as one,
We may think there's no future,
But it's the same for everyone.
It's like the world has lost its head
And it's like all the prophets said
But will we arise to a new world?

If we stand here together,
We can laugh at what we've done,
All our time has been wasted,
And there's nowhere left to run.
There may be trouble up ahead
Will we be sleeping in our beds
Or will we arise to a new world?

Look for signs and portents
Oh, I'm looking for a reason to believe

Will we arise in our time
At the dawn of another meaning?
Will we awake at the break of a Great Hosannah?
Well if there's nothing left to do,
Just hold your breath and hope it's true
That we'll arise.

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