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Another Day


[Gangstas] Let's spark up an idea, you know
[Gangstas] I don't know why you cats
[Gangstas] insist to get involved in our game man
I mean, Drug money, thug money, its all funny money to me
you know Scared money don't make no money man, so you know
[Gangstas] if you scared stay out of the game, baby

Verse 1: Kurupt

Another day, another dollar,
another nigga jacked for his sack, jeans, and them collars
What the fuck makes life so complicated?
Why they playahatin, 'stead of congratulatin'
One of the homies just bought a new '64
And they mad about it, and talkin bad about
Don't trip 'cause you smoke dubs and he smokes ounces
Your 'fo rolls and his 'fo bounces
Planted on the ground and this fool skyrockets
Got a nigga hot enough to want to shake his pockets [All that
Roll like Biggie, nigga, two glock nines
Any muthafucka whisperin about mine
All I got is, my twelve shottie
I'm a gangsta nigga, Kurupt Young Gotti
Me and Gonzoe and Capone, with a chrome
and a bone with a zone fucked up gettin blown (Yeah)

[Don't it feel good to survive another day]
Scared money don't make no money, [Heyyyyy]
cause uh, drug money, thug money's funny money, [and uh]
[Don't it feel good to survive another day]
[Check it out] This fear money don't take no money
['cause uh], scared money don't make no money ['cause uh]

Verse 2: Capone

Now I was standin alone against the cold world outside
Without no place to hide, or no will to survive
Thinkin who can I run to? Basically
It was the big homie to go get the heat is what it come to
I look around, from the gate I've been down,
but I'm still broke as fuck, depressed and down
Sometimes I fuck around and wish I wasn't here today,
now here to say sometimes it scares me to feel this way
Ain't there a name for this? Ain't there a phrase that fits?
Ain't it called psycho, schizo, paranoia or some shit, trip?
With the mentality of a kid in the village of the damned
Walking through the hood with a gun in my hands
I had plans to be a superstar, rappin the rock,
but all that stopped and dropped once the hammer was cocked
I had to get out of Dodge, I ain't tryina hide
I'm just tryin to find a way to stay alive and survive, right

[Don't it feel good to survive another day]
Scared money don't make no money, [Heyyyyy]
cause uh, drug money, thug money's funny money, [and uh]
[Don't it feel good to survive another day]
[Check this out] This fear money don't take no money, [Whu?]
['cause uh], scared money don't make no money, ['cause uh]

Verse 3: Gonzoe

Nigga gotta stay strong 'cause the weak die
Please God separate my life from the bad times, sufferin
Survivin ain't enough to cover it, 'cause I spend to much
Plus I'm scrapin the tops of my pies to make crusts
So Kurupt, nigga tell me how I'm 'sposed to feel
Notice my attitude, drinkin, only smokin the real
And it feels so good in the car with us
Lavishly, feel the extasy, bustin a nut
Another day, a nigga worship his weed and Alize,
and the pussy I'm fuckin ????
And ain't no scars on my Daytons, my shit intact
And that's real candy paint, all original Lat'
It's so depressin, a thug with a hustle, no one messes,
and I'm destined I'm kissin my gun so you can bless it, nigga
Another day another dollar
Yeah nigga, it's me, Gonzoe
Don't act funny, haha

[Suprise] Them promises didn't do nothing for me
[Suprise] It's time to set ourselves free
[Suprise] But as time marches on,
[Suprise] the races grow strong, stronger than Ajax
[Suprise] And niggaz wanna be free, but they still watch TV
[Suprise], even though they can't see
[Suprise] And our Chinese brothers don't cop no pleas
[Suprise], for they're into unity Isn't that
[Suprise] the way we want to be? But the Man
[Suprise] watches the music, 'cause the black people are
[Suprise] Conquered and divided, tricked and undecided
[Suprise], and the good guys are there
[Suprise], with slugs [Heyyyy] in the air But the rain still
[Suprise] and the (Chorus) sun still rises And the Man Man
Man is still full of trickies [Suprise niggas]

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