Sadomasochistic Slut


Sadomasochistic Slut
Suck my cock you filthy whore, as i fuck your soul with my knife, your tears arouse me, your cries are my climax, I love the spray of your blood glazing my mutilated face, with the swift of my blade across your throat, I rip your womb and chew your guts, such worthless fresh flesh, the feel of your vulva tearing, the rape of your self-worthlessness is divine, you're just a worthless cunt, gag on my fist, as your jaws break, my loins quiver and climax, your soul is raped and filthy, do you acknowledge your labeless being my lovely whore? Do you realize your bleeding? Do you know how weak you are? Can you feel my crowbar penetrate your heart, can you feel the rust shredding your innerds? Can you feel your acid pouring on my flour? Can you feel that cold lick of Death? I'll leave you on the worthless dirt, until you become one with earth, your corpse is of no use to me anymore, my lovely filthy whore, your life is now in vain, oh how your rotting makes me insane, I just want to fuck you one last time, your birth itself was an abomantive crime

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