I've been living in the light of the shadows
Why wont you let me leave
I've been trying to find my way to the shallows
But the water's just too deep
Always something inside of me keeps dragging me down
I'm going deep below the undertow
And it wont let go
All I need is silence

There's a thumping that's filled with violence
And it creeps in through the walls at night when
When I cant see happy from sad, good or bad
All I need is silence
All I need is silence
I'm crying out for silence
You're not my partner no your not a part of me
I need silence

So tired of breathing in numbers
Trying to stop my racing heart
Oh all I know is that I want it to stop
And I dont know where to start
Your always on my shoulder praying I wont try anymore
Conversations that begin to shout
Are you happy now?
All I need is silence

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