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Beer Goggles


The turnout tonight is weak
the crowd is looking eager
only forty to fifty in the flock
three more beers and im bringing woodstock
and you can prolly see that were not all that tight
but a couple of drinks will alter your sight
that does not mean fight

im not saying I have to be drunk tequilla shots make it morefun
Ohhh im having fun
Ohhh Beer Goggles Ohhh Beer Goggles
I love to put them on them on

Next to each other at the bar shes thinking hes the one
Im thinking wheres my car
She thinks i look good and obviously she didnt smell that fart
"What kind of cologne are you wearing" Hey man its a strart
"My name is Barbie" "My name is Ken"
The perfect couple cuz were drunk in the head
Ohh im drunk again

Ohh Beer Goggles
Ohh Beer Goggles
I love to put them on and one size fits all!

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