I started thinking about money
When I was writing this song
Even though I know it’s not cool
I’m still trying to figure out my way
Out of this maze

And I started feeling funny
Like something had gone wrong
Even though you said it's all cool
I'm still trying to figure out my way
Out through this haze

Cause they don’t understand me like you do
And they don’t understand you like I do
Just like we will again
Cause we're all thinking it
That’s the light that’s gone shine our way
Out of this maze

But this time I cannot lie
So I just sit as you cry
And I sigh
That darling you can’t hide
All the fear in your eyes
And I sigh
I see it tearing you apart
My love
There will always be
You cannot see

Happens again and again and again
And it's not cool

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