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Portrait Of The Dreadful Beauty

Lamia Antitheus

Darkness clouds of evil from forbidden lands,
see the damnation from a ceiling made of blood
Forced to rape in silent of forbidden souls
Dreams of no return for hells rage dolls layed in cold

Beauty see the monsters walk around in night,
felt the dark the creeping death as she ran out alone in night
Candles fade in wind, her castle fade to black,
even if the silent of killers never gave her light

In forest mist a black carrige was drawn,
her biggest fear came close to her eyes and feed her throat

Pleased by the pain Vlad gave on Bran Castles walls
blood stripped down from her cunt and fed them all.

She never could expect that he came close,
he gave her his blood and she turned into an immortal soul.
the pain the gain everything was gone,
Beauty dead forevermore

the scent of virgin blood awakes the deepest hunger
the touch of life revives the darkest fears but,
the last drop is allways spared though it is fatal
for the one who feed on living things.
Gasping for air
in hot and cruel despair
to rescue its own flesh

from fangs in mouth of evil flare

Failed by angels mist and fear still in dark cathacombs of hell
fairytales of mayhem told by everyone around here
slaugter of the mortal souls began at the end of those lands

The Portrait Of The Dreadful Beauty.

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