Thinking, in dark, no end
I don't wanna awake, I have fear.
Reality, distorcion, pure illusion
Fight, don't stop, to look
Don't turn on the light, please!!!!!

Is so much bright
Without notion of clarity
My eyes can't see, in the bright
I hate the light, I living of night
I like walk in dark

Don't think in whos coming
In every side, nevertheless
I stay mad to darkness
Where I was living my life

I think just only a pass,
And now, I see what is in my life,
This is my choice
Don't try to help-me

Can be still worst, but not to me
You can never more come back
The gate is open to enter
The exit I don't know

I don't wanna see somebody
What changing the history
It is here I have everything
What I want, the darkness

I open my eyes
And nothing, the darkness
Stay inside me.

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