Wandering like a leaf upon the wind
I have been searching for someone
Holding out for a love to shake my soul
Heaven or nothing
Then you walked into my life
In a blaze of light
I've never wanted someone more
You are the one I've waited for

Light of my life
You are the fire in my heart
When I am lost
I know I'll feel you burning in the dark
You're the light of my life
Every star in the sky
Shines more brightly when you're at my side
You're the light of my life

Dreaming, I feel you next to me
No, I'm not, I'm not dreaming
'Cause I'm drowning in your kiss
I die in your arms
And when I hear you call my name
Baby, it's like I'm born again


Your love's a lantern in the rain
Bringing me home time and again
Burning like an eternal flame

Light of my life
You're the beat of my heart
When I am lost
When you're lost I know
You'll see me shining
Shining in the dark
You're the light of my life
Like the stars in the sky
Only you can take me through
You're the only one who makes it right
Only you set fire to the night

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