Looking from a distance, seems like I've lost it all
and everyone around me is waiting for this girl to fall
But my heart isn't missing I've just lost control
If I don't know why
Why would I know how ?

I've been working with the devils
trying to exorcize
Feelings I've been hiding down in the darker side
There wasn't any trading, never sold my soul
I'm simply moving on
Going, gone...

Chorus :

Think I'm losing my fight
To make sense of it all
Got to build on my life
So I'm safe from the fall
I'm subjected, expected to know what I feel
But I don't feel nothing
It's alright, No big deal

How can I expect anybody to understand
I've been sadly mistreating all of my own demands
Now all I need is freedom, Not this ego-land
I wanna do no wrong I'm simply moving on
I'm going, going, gone...

And after all I know, There's nothing left to say
And if it's all my fault I'll take it all
I'm moving on
Going, going, gone...

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Composição: Lara Fabian / Rick Allison. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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