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{LaReece walking into her house} Baby? Where you at? Baby? Oh, okay. He must be upstairs. Let me go in here and change. {enters room, closes door} Ooh, I'm bout to go rock your world, nigga what? Okay, okay {leaves room} Baby? Baby. Baby. {walking upstairs hearing screams} What the hell? {opens the door and gasps} What?

I'm gettin' home early from work lookin' for my baby so I can get some sugar and maybe some relations maybe cause lately I ain't been in the mood, ain't had the feelin' so I got him a treat, givin' him some sexual healing/ And I changed my clothes cause down it goes, the house, I looked around/ From my room I heard the sound/ Walkin' up to the door, saw the bra on the floor/ This can't be, I just know, got to stay in control/ When I pushed the door open, what did I see? My nigga freakin' with this bitch on my brand new sheets

Oh yeah motherfucker! Oh yeah motherfucker! What the fuck? What you think you doin' nigga up in my motherfuckin' house! No, ain't nobody tryin' to set you up nigga. Motherfucker, let me tell you something. Naw, fuck that nigga. What the fuck you better be out my house nigga. How you gon' disrespect me nigga? This is my shit nigga. Awe, this motherfucker done lost his mind. Oh, I'll be right back here ya'll for both of ya'll motherfuckers, hold on. {two fighting as LaReece goes for her gun, knife and starts attacking them. She pulls out in her car fast after killing them.} That's right. Thought ya'll was playin' mother fuckers

Say, where you gonna go? Girl, where you gonna hide?

This is a warning to all divas, chickenheads, and whores; If you're not giving it to your man on a regular basis just know he can always get it somewhere else. Sponsored by The Desperate Ho's of America.

Say, where you gonna go?Boy, where you gonna hide? (Whoo, ha ha! Desperate Ho's of America, ha! Whoo!)

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