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Blind Deaf and Dumb

Larger Than Life

take me by the hand
help me understand
this world that i've been born into
fill me up with lies
dont you know it's true?
we were born to bleed
red and blue

take a seat, listen up
i know we screwed up
you've got to listen
to your elders
give me something to respect
or i shall reject
my d-generations anthem

you drown me out with
your patriotic non-sense
you try and tell me
how this is your land
but this time i wont be
the one to fall back
for once in my life
i'm gonna take a stand

i refuse to beleive in
a life filled with greed
the structure of society
time passes me by
and i wonder why
we are so blind
that we can't see

blind, deaf, and dumb america
we are all so
blind, deaf, and dumb

now that i've made my case
throw it back in my face
as if it mattered
my minds already been shattered
by all the things i've seen
you do to your fellow man
you disgust me
all you say is trust me

be all that you can be
destroy all you see
as if you mattered
now its us against us
the greed overcomes
cause we are all
blind, deaf, and dumb

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