Chorus: I see for yourself/ Intensions on a scale/ I weigh them/ You are not who you seem to be
It's getting harder so it seems/ To be the ones we onced dreamed/ It's getting easier to fall
apart/ To loose our hopes before they start
And what you did It left a mark/ Of things unspoken/ Things undone
We've come a long way since we've gone/ We kept our faith/ We still stayed strong/ And through it all it has made us start/ To trust in God and guard our heart
And what you did/ It left a mark/ Of things unspoken/ Things undone
Chorus: And to forgive you/ Learn to love you/ To accept you/To try and trust you

Explanation: This song deals with the betrayal of trust. Philip and I knew someone
who deceived us with who he was, and in the end not only hurt us, but hurt people that
we really love. Even though and we were hurt, Philip and I learned a lot through this. How to guard our hearts and be careful, and yet not shut the world and the people in it out because of hurt.

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Composição: Natalie LaRue / Phillip LaRue. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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