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Drama Queen


Why should I care
Why should I bother
Why should I give a fuck
Why should I think it's more than just ... than just a little game

Why should I have to treat you better than you have always done.
Why should I have to give attention to everyone that lies

It's not a tragedy
So stop being a drama queen
You want a tragedy
That's what you're trying to do with me

Why should I start to use your lessons
Of being an actress
Why should I ever jump again into your crazy stress

Why should I trust you once again
Why should I even try

It's just a dreamed fairy tale
that turned into hell

***I don't need you to tell me how much red there's inside of me. If my nose bleeds is because of you. That's what you wanted from the start. That's what you call depth. That's what you call life. That's where you think I should step on and where you think I should bend. That's how you think I meet poetry. And how poetry meets me. In the brothels, in the theatre, in the streets, drugs and prostitutes. That's where you always wanted to take me to. And now you want me to bring it all to you. You always wanted this mess, so you'd have something to write about.

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