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Spring Love (Come back to me)


I remember when we first started
You came to me and you were broken-hearted
I took you im and wiped all your tears away
a gave you loving more than any other gave
Don't you know I'm the one and I love you, girl
i don't care what they know you are my world
come back home to the one
who loves you more and more
soon you'll' see that it was me you were searching for

refrão :
spring love come back to me...
I need you and i want you , baby

I can remember the first time we ever met
the sun was shining
love was gleaming im the air
you got my eyes and the next thing that i knew
i was im love - i was so in love whith you
we were so close for a season of my life
i wanted so much to have you for my wife

but something changed
season came to an end
i had to leave you
and that's where my heartache began

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