Were we leaving or arriving
When we were waving from the shore?
Dragging our futures behind us
Until they're too heavy to pull

And now I'll cross another river
Wade beneath a different bridge
Find I'm still chasing your shadow
Calling: Swim back, oh, swim back to me

Here we find ourselves over our heads
Five and thirty years, covered in dust
Who we were to believe we could say
Anything new of love?

I thread myself right through your sorrow
Cleared a place for light to fall
You drew a new face on my body
You tell me I terrify you

Here we find ourselves over our heads
Lives we pulled from the charity box
Seems you loved me the most when I said
Love is impossible

So love me, don't let me grow crooked
Sell me out or send me home
I'll let you break me wide open
I'll burn all of my shame for fuel

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