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Katy Says Today Is The Best Day Of My Whole Entire Life

Lavin Christine

Katy Says Today is the Best Day of my Whole Entire Life
Katy is Three years old
We've been dancing in the living room to her new Tom Paxtonrecord
Katy's got a lot of rhythm when she wiggles, for a little kid,she's got soul

That night when her mom and dad come home
I tell them what she said to me
I figure they'll think I'm some kind of babysitting genius
To make this little girl so darn happy
But they smile and they say "don't take this the wrong way
But Katy said the same thing yesterday
Lately she's been saying that everyday"

I think back to what I know was the best day of my life
It was wintertime
Ten years ago
We were staying in a farmhouse
In the middle of Vermont
The hills were covered with Christmas trees
And freshly fallen snow

Instantly I picture the vivid details of that day
When you told me that you loved me more than you could ever say
The air was a bracing cold
The sky a startled blue
Never before or since
Have I felt that close to you

What does that say about you and me and the last ten years
I've learned to live with your silence
You've learned to overlook my tears
Now this dancing three year old in her simple perfect way
Has me questioning the basis for the life we live today

Katy's probably sleeping now
I wonder if she dreams about
Flying with the angels
Dancing with moonbeams
You are here beside me
You are snoring right out loud
I long to kiss you on the forehead
And smooth your worried brow

Though we have not given up
It's been ages since we've tried
To reveal the aching passion
That for years we've pushed aside
I whisper that I love you
Because I know you cannot hear
I turn off the light
And in the dark
You gently pull me near

Katy Says Today is the Best Day of my Whole Entire Life

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