breath - take it deep inside, inside your mind you?e weak I see
death is a word I know, a word you fear to hear from me
real are the things that are, the things that were, but what will be
deal - I will show you all, heed over, give your sins to me

free - now I got your hands, you?e mine my dear
time - get your aims or be what you were here

feel all that mud outside, turn ?ound and walk away with me
all I want from you is just your soul
all the lies beyond their smiles, just take my face and then you?l see
I won? give you dreams you wake up from - taste my reality

and I started to believe, that you want me to retreat
forget that world outside, we better leave

now it? time to make your choice, get up and choose eternity
feel your wish it? deep inside - bend over and survive with me

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