Verse 1:
If You Were a Road
I'd Learn Every Turn Til I
Could Find My Way With My Eyes Closed
If You Were a Song
I'd Sing Along Til I
Knew Every Word and Every Note

But You Were Everything to Me
A Mystery
Your the Love I Live to See

By Heart, By Soul
Thats How I Want to Know You
Keep You As Close As
Breath Is to Life
Wanna Watch Your Love Unfold
By Heart, By Soul

Verse 2:
If You Were a Place
I'd Stay My Whole Life Til I
Had Every Corner Memorized
And If You Were a Star
I'f Follow You Home, You Would Be
The Light That Is My Only Guide

You Were Everything to Me
My a to Z
Your the Love Thats Lives in Me

I Wanna Know You Inside and Out
Better Than I Even Know Myself

If You Were a Star
I'd Follow You Home By Heart
By Soul

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