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Good, Bad, Ugly


Come on everybody sit down
People wanna act like they are in the now
But I'm here to wipe off your smile
And tell you what's the word around town
I know you don't wanna hear the truth
I know you hate the fact that I actually have the proof
But I just need you to believe
I'm talkin' the good, the bad, the ugly

Remember back in '02
When I was in school and actin' a fool
My soul got saved, my debt had been paid
But still I kept running off with my crew
Sex on my brain, and death in my veins
Had a main thang, we stayed up 'til 2 (Smokin'!)
Waking and baking we naked, my body was loving it
Soul was hating it, man
Time and time after time, our bodies grew close
The girl was so fine
Heard a heartbeat that wasn't hers or mine
The miracle of life had started inside (my god)
Ignored the warning signs
Supressed that truth I felt inside
I was just having fun with this, I'm too young for this
I'm thinking me, myself, and I
Should I sacrifice this life to keep my vanity and live nice?
And she love and trust me so much that whatever I say, she'll probably oblige
But I was too selfish with my time
Scared my dreams were not gone suvive
So I dropped her off at that clinic
That day, a part of us died

I remember back in the day
I was barely in the first grade
Got teeth missing, watching Tom & Jerry
Tryna go outside so I can play
I was told to watch out for strangers
Keep my eyes peeled for danger
Folks workin' late, I had a baby sitter
I ain't 'bout to sit here and name her
I was almost 8, when she came in late
Woke me up with a game to play
Did a few things that's hard to say
And told me keep that secret safe
Now how a young boy supposed to deal
I'm tryna act like it ain't real
Had my innocence just stripped from me
And I still don't know how to feel
And I wonder how to address it
Can't tell my family, too messy
So I just embrace it, it's hard to face it
I'm too ashamed to confess it
So I kept it in and ain't speak
Didn't think, it hit me so deep
So into it, I got promiscuous
And only God could help me get free
But I've been forgiven, my Savior risen
I'm out the prison, I know that
I got the power to say no to all my struggles
God will control that
Every time we slip and we fall
Gotta get back up and fight on
We are not defined by our past
The future look bright, I see the light on