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Try Tonight

Lee Harding

It's twelve o'clock
And I haven't had my coffee yet
I know she's here
Across the hallway, with a face I can't forget
She moved in
About a month ago, I passed her on the stairs
The kinda girl
That you can look at and you know that she don't care

I'm gonna try tonight
I'm gonna pick myself right off the floor
I'm gonna try tonight
I don't know what to say but that's ok

It's three o'clock
I'm watching reruns and I hear the sound of her voice
I'd give it all
To ignore her but I haven't got a choice
I'm gonna take a chance cos I've got nothing to lose


Walkin down the hall, you know you're gonna take a fall
The door's so far from here, she's gonna disappear
I might have left without a trace
And there's a smile on her face
But I'm only dreamin (dreamin)

Four o'clock
In the morning for the hundredth millionth time
I'm still alone
I'm going crazy cos she's still on my mind
Yeah she's still on my mind
Yeah she's still on my mind

I'm gonna try tonight
I don't know why tonight but I'm sure


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Composição: John Feldmann / Bruce Witkin. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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