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Long Tall Glasses

Leo Sayer

I was travellin' down the road, feelin' hungry and coldi saw a sign sayin' food and drinks for everyoneso naturally i thought i would take me a look insidei saw so much food, there was water comin' from my eye
Yeah there was ham an' there was turkey, there was caviaran' long tall glasses, with wine up to yar
An' then somebody grabbed me, threw me outta my chairsaid before you can eat, you gotta dance like fred astaire
You know i can't dance, you know i can't danceyou know i can't dance, you know i can't dancei can't dance
I am a man of the road -- a hobo by namei don't seek entertainment, just poultry and gamebut if it's all the same to you, then yes i will try my handif you were as hungry as me then i'm sure you would understand
Hmmmnow wait a minutelet me see now
Of course i can dance of course i can dancei'm sure i can dance, i'm sure i can dance..i can dance
I can dancei really hit the floorah feels goodlook at me dancin'
I did a two-step, quick-step and a bossa novaa little victor silvester, and a rudy valentinoyou should a seen me movin', right across the floorhand me down my tuxedo, next week i'm comin' back for more
I can dance -- oh yes! i can dancelook at me dancin' the floor movin'i feel good -- i can dancei can dance, i can dance, i can dance.

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