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Hope Street


There's a young boy in the queue
Not much else for him to do
He's had a drink, he's had a few
Down the pub on Hope Street
Dear old lady you're looking thin
Got a shopping bag with your life in
Your old man's going through the bins
So it goes on Hope Street
Rain on me come pouring down
Clean the dirt of this old town
Tell the sun to come around
And show his face on Hope Street
There's a fight right down the street
The betting shop has got him beat
Blew his money for the week
on a horse called Hope Street
No old faces out today
Someone took them all away
Cleaning up or so they say
The dirty face of Hope Street
Everyday I look at you
Dressed up in your ties of blue
Saying there's not much you can do
To help the kids on Hope Street
They don't seem to even care
That it was you that put them there
You seem to think they like it there
Hanging out on Hope Street

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