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Battle Of The Beanfield


I thought I heard someone calling me
I've seen the pictures on TV
And I made up my mind that I would go and see
With my own eyes

It didn't take too long to hitch a ride
With a guy going south to start a new life
Past the place where my friend died
Two years ago

Down the 303 at the end of the road
Flashing lights - exclusion zones
And it made me think it's not just the stones
That they're guarding

Hey, hey, can't you see
There's nothing here that you can call free
They're getting their kicks
Laughing at you an me

As the sun rose on the beanfield
They came like wolf on the fold
And they didn't give a warning
They took their bloody toll

I see a pregnant woman
Lying in blood of her own
I see her children crying
As the police tore apart her home

And no they didn't need a reason
It's what your votes condone
It seems they were committing treason
By trying to live on the road


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