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The Fear


Do you wake up every day
In a world that seems crazy
A world you love to hate
Are you scared or do you feel pretty safe
Do you think you have nothing
Or do you think you've got it made
You know it feels like you're going insane
I've done everything you told me
To take away the pain
Then you change my medication again
It's getting harder to tell
Just who or what's insane
Do your nightmares tear you apart
Do you wake up screaming
Shouting in the dark
The deamons keep you awake
Does the clock tick more slowly
With every breath you take
Does each day seem like the rest
You turn on the morning
Coz turning offs the best
Do think that it will never change
Or does mass self delussion
medal with your brain
You see I think I know it all
I think I know the way
You've given me the power
By making me insane

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